Engineering your path to property wealth. A definitive guide!

We’re with you from start to finish.

  • We find off-market deals that are below market value.
  • We access wholesale discounts leveraging our relationships and ability to purchase multiple properties each month from our developers and builders.

Since we will be working quite closely with you, we can make you a customised strategy that we execute together. Every step of the way. We keep your goals, circumstances in view so that you can use property to support the lifestyle you want!

How it works:

​We Set Out A Plan

​We arrange a meeting to discuss your goals and build a feasible plan that we follow to achieve your goals. We assign you a primary contact who will oversee the process from finance to completing your first purchase with us and onward to further purchases!

We Get You Purchase Ready With Finance

​If you don’t already have pre-approval from a bank, our financing partner will help you secure the best finance for your situation. By being finance ready, we can move quickly when the right off-market opportunity presents itself – this is key to securing the best deals.

We conduct research, analysis, forecasts and more research.

We spend countless hours researching suburbs, hotspots and property options in great detail. We analyse the holding costs of a property, short term and long term return on your investment, and your exposure to risk i.e. likelihood of losing money. We always prioritise protecting your financial position so you can realistically look at buying again in the next 6-12 months.

Selecting the best/most lucrative properties!

​We cherry pick the best property options that meet our strict requirements. We ensure the numbers work out in your favour before presenting them to you. We help you through the purchasing process overseeing building reports, valuations and sourcing the best property management team to look after your investment.

​We get you the best deal!

​Our team leverages its relationships with our builders and real estate agents to get the best deals possible. This ensures you make money going into the property and whilst holding the property long into your future and retirement! We look at property fervently every day so we know what pitfalls to avoid, how to avoid bad opportunities masquerading as good deals – just because a property is the cheapest in the area doesn’t always mean it’s the best deal and will make you money! This is something less experienced buyers need to be aware of.

​Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s (legally)

Within our team, we have a Solicitor who can handle all property law related matters including trust set up, wills and estate planning and of course conveyancing. We can complete conveyancing fast and save you money!

Handing over the keys!

We source and help you compare several property managers which include companies that would provide you a 5 -10 year rental guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your property being empty, ever! We also assist with sourcing insurance from our preferred partners who we trust and have worked with previously. We work hard to ensure your property is hassle free and pays for itself from day 1 so you can relax and focus on the other more important stuff in life, like your family!

We monitor your portfolio and help expand your empire!

We keep in touch over the following months and monitor your properties’ growth so that when you’re ready, we can help you repeat the process to purchase another investment property and thus continue growing your portfolio and financial security. We can always be reached day or night and we take great pride in the success of our clients.

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